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All Rein Teen Tours travelers and staff must be fully vaccinated prior to the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Rein Teen Tours

1. How many teenagers will be in my teen tour group?

Teen Tour group sizes vary between 40 and 50 teenagers.

2. Is it okay to come on the teen tour alone?

Yes. To ensure that everyone makes friends immediately, we will assign roommates for the first two stops. Friends who come on a teen tour together will be placed in different rooms during these first two stops, so that everyone has a chance to meet new people. While in hotels, the staff members sleep in staff rooms, which are located next to the teen rooms. After the first two stops, choice of roommates is always left up to you! You get to pick your own roommates for the rest of the summer. You can change for each and every stop we make on your teen tour.

3. What are the meals like?

During hotel and college stays on your Rein Teen Tour, we eat breakfast together as a group and enjoy dinner together at a variety of fun restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood and Bubba Gump. Variety abounds - you will always have many choices to pick from at each and every meal. Order what you want, and enjoy your meal on us! For lunch, we will divide into smaller groups where you and your friends choose from a variety of options within a fun area.

4. How many teenagers are there in a dorm room or hotel room?

While in cities, we stay in fabulous hotels and resorts and fun college campuses. Most dorm rooms are shared by 2 people, while some dorm suites accommodate up to 3 or 4 roommates. Most of our hotels have 3 people per room. Some of our resorts are deluxe bedroom suites for 4-6 people, with several bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. In all of our hotels and college dorms you will always have your own bed to sleep in. No one will ever have to share!

5. How long are the bus rides on my teen tour?

Our bus rides vary from less than 2 hours to a rare maximum of 6 hours. You will never be on the bus for more than 2 hours without stopping. Our campgrounds, hotels and dorms are centrally located to our activities which eliminate unnecessary bus travel once we have arrived at a destination. We do not travel everyday during your teen tour. Our busses are new and equipped with bathrooms, excellent air conditioning, Wifi, and 6 video monitors and a DVD player. Rein Teen Tours provides DVDs for each tour. Our bus drivers are highly experienced and enjoy driving on our teen tours summer after summer.

6. Will I have the chance to play any sports?

Each teen tour carries our own sports equipment such as footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, Frisbees, and volleyballs. In between our exciting daily activities we find time for you to start a basketball game, throw a Frisbee or kick around a soccer ball. We encourage you to use the pools, gyms, and basketball courts at our hotels, dorms and campgrounds during the summer. Our teen tours can be either as athletic or non-athletic oriented as you are. While some teenagers are playing basketball and soccer late in the afternoon, you may choose to jump in the pool or simply relax with your friends - the choice is yours.

7. Can I visit my relatives along the route?

Yes, as long as we have signed permission from a parent or guardian.

8. What does the price of a teen tour include?

The price includes all lodging, breakfast and dinner daily, all recreation and entertainment, gratuities, and taxes. Airfare is additional and arranged by Rein Teen Tours.

9. By when must I enroll?

Although there is no official deadline to enroll, each summer teen tour has a limited number of bus seats available. When you are fairly certain that you would like to spend the summer on a Rein Teen Tour, a $750 deposit will hold your spot. The enrollment deposit is fully refundable until February 1.