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Summer Teen Travel Tours and Community Service Programs for Students

Summer teen travel programs by Rein Teen Tours: 973-785-1113

As Rein Teen Tours enters our 39th year in the summer teen tour and travel market, our program options have steadily grown to include exciting domestic and international teen travel programs and enriching community service and cultural exploration trips. With these offerings, our commitment to Rein travelers and their families is as strong as ever. Norman Rein and the Rein Team have scouted and visited every new location, both domestic and international. This has allowed us to be hands-on in choosing our accommodations, community service projects, cultural offerings, activities, and meals on each and every program.

We believe there is no substitute for experience, and traveling the world on our teen tours leads to exciting discoveries, personal growth, unimaginable adventures, and life-long friendships. To reap the benefits of teen travel, we feel one must be an active participant, not just a tourist. The activities on our tours are imaginative, creative, stimulating, and fun – rambling through the Red Rocks of Sedona on a Pink Jeep ride, white-water rafting on the Savegre River in Costa Rica, hiking through beautiful Bryce Canyon, surfing the waves at Waikiki Beach, soaking in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, sledding down the sand dunes in New Zealand, hiking Cadillac Mountain in Maine, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia, – the opportunities are endless!

Our community service for teens and cultural exploration programs provide authentic and meaningful opportunities to give back in meaningful ways and to learn about different peoples and places throughout the world. There are many ways to help – work with abandoned animals at a sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii, assist the indigenous Kichwa tribe in the Amazon Jungle, help families on the verge of homelessness in California. Whether you travel with us to Ecuador, Hawaii, California, or Costa Rica, each program is designed to be a rich, fulfilling experience that makes a positive impact on the communities we work with and on each one of our teen travelers.

Traveling with Rein Teen Tours provides many memorable experiences and can be rewarding in more ways than ever expected. The thrill of traveling to new places is combined with many unanticipated personal gains. Our participants have new found confidence, experience growth in maturity, and develop skills in traveling that will be beneficial for a lifetime. For many of our student travelers, leaving home and going off to college is right around the corner. Participants learn that they have the skills to take care of themselves, and the prospect of moving to college is no longer something to fear, but rather something to embrace. Student Travel can open one’s eyes and makes the world a smaller and more comfortable place.

Yellowstone, Madrid, Nashville, Park City, Paris, Bryce Canyon, Maui, Santa Barbara, Tamarindo, Seattle, San Diego, Niagara Falls, Badlands, Las Vegas, Sydney, Reykjavik, Rome, Portland, Monte Carlo, Banff, Quito, Sedona, Boston, San Jose, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Juneau, Venice, Lake Tahoe, Vancouver, Brisbane, Toronto, Grand Canyon, Auckland, Monterey, Galapagos, Chicago, Orlando, Barcelona, San Francisco…your adventure awaits.