Project Hawaii

Choose one of the following Community Service Programs:

Volunteer with Children
Volunteer with Animals
Group Size
The Project Hawaii summer community service program accommodates 20-25 participants, which fosters expanded social interactions and friendships within the group during evening activities and weekend excursions. Depending on the specific site, each service project will consist of 10-20 participants. This enables our teenagers to benefit from small group and one-on-one interaction at the service project.
During the week, the Doubletree Grand Naniloa Hotel is our home away from home. Enjoy the beautiful banyan tree grounds and the relaxing bay-front views of our hotel, the nearby zen pathways at Liliuokalani Japanese Gardens, and views of Mauna Kea standing in the distance. All rooms are doubles and have private bathrooms, air-conditioning and flat screen tvs with cable-television. Our participants enjoy hotel amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, full service restaurant, free wifi, gift shop and more.

During the week, our group eats breakfast and dinner together at our hotel. Lunch is provided at the various service projects.

After volunteering each day, we will enjoy many different late afternoon options. Some late afternoons will include relaxing at the hotel pool, exercising at the hotel gym, walking or running along the trails of Liliuokalani Gardens, or using the hotel wifi to catch up with family and friends. Other late afternoons will include field trips to exciting local sites such as: Volcanoes National Park, the local Farmers Market, hikes in the rainforest to see beautiful waterfalls, etc. Every evening, enjoy various group activities, including authentic Hawaiian Cultural Activities, nights at the movies, etc.

During the week, our group eats breakfast and dinner together at our hotel’s restaurant. Lunch is provided at the various service projects. While traveling on weekends, breakfast and dinner are provided in various local restaurants and food establishments at our hotels. On occasion we divide into smaller groups allowing teenagers to choose from a greater variety of restaurants.
Our summer community staff members are teachers and graduate students who are committed to Project Hawaii’s ideals of volunteering and giving back to the community. Rein staff members are always present at each service project. All staff members attend our professional training workshops where the emphasis is placed on the safety and well being of our teenagers. All staff are certified in Basic First Aid and CPR.
Rein Project Hawaii uses bus transportation with professional drivers to transfer our participants to their various projects, activities, and weekend excursions.
After volunteering each day, enjoy different late afternoon activities including relaxing at the hotel pool, walking or jogging along the trails of nearby Liliuokalani Japanese Gardens, or using the wifi in the lobby to catch up with family and friends. Afternoon fun also includes local field trips to the rainforest where we hike to beautiful waterfalls, exciting trips to Volcanoes National Park and Punalu’u Black Sand Beach and the local Farmers Market. The group will enjoy a fun evening activity every night, including: our authentic cultural immersion program two nights each week, a night at the movies, Rein’s famous Minute to Win It competition, and lots of other fun local evening activities. On our weekend excursions, activities include snorkeling, surfing lessons, trips to Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head, etc.
The Rein Communication Center is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week throughout the program. Teenagers are permitted to bring cell phones and the lobby of our hotel is equipped with wifi.