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Month: July 2012

Assorted photos from Rein Grand Adventure #2’s past 1 1/2 weeks…

Here are some assorted pix from our past 1  1/2 weeks  on tour.

How could we not pull the bus over to take this scenic photo while driving through Canada??

Grand Adventure #2 at the Columbia Icefield at the Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park (in Alberta, Canada)


On top of the Space Needle in Seattle
Playing Whirlyball (the greatest game EVER) in Seattle!
Hanging out at our Zion Canyon Campground in Utah

Grand Adventure #2 hits Bryce Canyon & the Grand Canyon

We are…. Rein Teen Tours, Grand Adventure #2

Here’s a quick peek at our time at Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon.The colors of Bryce are beyond description – bright, vibrant shades of orange. Beyond beautiful. Check us out at Bryce…Click here for more info on Bryce National Park:

Bryce Canyon!
There is nothing on this planet like Bryce...
Grand Adventure #2 at Bryce
The Grand Canyon was just MASSIVE.For more info on the Grand Canyon, click here:
GA2 at the Grand Canyon
We definitely finished the camping portion of our tour with the most impressive national parks! 

Cali Caper#2 in San Fran

We are so sad that tour is over and we are flying home today.  We had the most incredible summer and we are going home with memories of a lifetime.
Here are our last few days in San Francisco…
We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and then pulled over at the vista point for great photo opps:
CC2 at the Golden Gate Bridge
We rode the cable cars through the city and then got off at the top of the crooked part of Lombard Street.  Here we are at the bottom of Lombard Street:
Lombard Street
Lombard Street
The "crookedest" street in the world
While in San Francisco, we also went to Discovery Kingdom, where we had  private, behind the scenes interactions with dolphins and other animals.
Playing with the dolphins
How cool is this ?!?
Baby alligator
Baby porcupines
California Caper #2 – the best summer ever!!!

Whistler meets Hawaii Alaska #1

Hawaii Alaska #1 had an amazing time in the ski village of Whistler, British Columbia. It’s such an incredible place: in Whistler, we had the choice of either skiing, biking or hiking.Some of us skied on Blackcomb Mountain:

Hawaii Alaska 1 skiers
Some of us went biking:
HA1 bikers
And some of us hiked:
HA1 hikers
Site of the 2010 Winter Olympics
Just a few stops left and then,  Hawaii here we come!!! 

Rein California Caper #2 does Tahoe!

Check out some of our fun at Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe…Around the corner from our amazing hotel is the Squaw Valley Adventure Center. Here, we climbed the ropes course.

Getting instruction before we climbed
The next day we had a beach day at South Lake Tahoe!


Off to San Fran…

Rein Hawaii Alaska #2 boards the Carnival Spirit to Alaska!!!!

Hi from Hawaii Alaska #2 – We wanted to quickly share what we did today before our ship sets sail to Alaska.This morning, after having a quick cruise orientation meeting, we went to play Whirlyball.  What’s Whirlyball you say?  It’s only the greatest activity EVER!! It is a combination of bumber cars, lacrosse and basketball.   So much fun!!!

Hawaii Alaska # 2 at Whirlyball!
Next, we drove to the pier in Seattle to board the Carnival Spirit!

The Carnival Spirit - our home for the next wek

Here we are ready to board the ship:

Moments before walking onto the ship
We are so excited for the cruise. We can’t wait to go gold panning, sea kayaking, whale watching, see the icebergs and glaciers, enjoy the entertainment on the ship, eats lots of good food and continue bonding with each other.  Hard to believe once we get off the ship next Tuesday that we’ll be getting ready to fly to Hawaii.   We want the summer to slow down!!! We set sail around 4pm our time. Bon Voyage!!! 

Grand Adventure #3’s first week in review

Here’s a quick recap of GA3’s first week…Our fun adventures began at Badlands National Park.Check out what we did there:

the boys getting ready to hike
the girls getting ready to hike
starting the hike
GA1 at the Badlands
what goes up must come down
While in South Dakota, we also went to the patriotic lighting ceremony at night at Mount Rushmore:
After a great stop in South Dakota we continued on to Cody, Wyoming where we took in the famous Cody Rodeo!
Welcome to the Cody Rodeo
We came dressed for the rodeo!!!
When in Rome....
The grandstand at the rodeo
Calf roping



Next stop – Yellowstone National Park & the Grand Tetons!We saw so much at Yellowstone – Yellowstone, we walked through Norris Geyser Basin…


Sulphur hot springs at Norris Geyer Basin in Yellowstone National Park



… we saw the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone”

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
… we saw Old Faithful erupt!!
Old Faithful!!
And we also went on a picturesque hike in the Grand Tetons
Starting our Grand Tetons hike
absolutely stunning!

Check out some of our camping fun:

bonding sesh
hang time
already so close!
Happy 4th of July
time to set up the tents
chef Brett & his Mickey pancakes
dinner time
Our next album will be posted on the RTT website in the next day or so (get your passwords ready). 

Grand Adventure # 1 having fun

Rein Grand Adventure #1 had a busy first week. Here’s a recap of what we were up to…While in South Dakota, we hiked Badlands National Park and went to Mt Rushmore.At Badlands National Park, we went on a great hike….

getting ready to start the Badlands hike
The  evening lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore:
Next stop – Cody, Wyoming. Here, we went to the Cody Rodeo!
GA 1 at the rodeo
Getting into the spirit of things
Grand Adventure #1’s next exciting stop was Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming:At Yellowstone National Park the kids saw some once in a lifetime sites: we visited Norris Geyser Basin to see the hot springs.
In Yellowstone, we also saw Old Faithful erupt and we saw the giant waterfall at the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone”
Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!
"Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"
"Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"
During this stop, we also hiked the Grand Tetons:
Crossing the river
Making our way up the mountain
Taking a break
Beautiful day for a hike
Enjoying the Grand Tetons hike
Here’s a glimpse of our camping life:
That tent in the background is looking good!
Making pancakes for breakfast
Check out the colors for July 4th
Tour Leader Brian LOVES the 4th of July
Ready to eat!
More pictures coming very soon to our website (get your passwords ready!). 

Rein Western Adventure #1 – a few quick shots

Here a few quick shots from WA1’s past few days… ** Parents: “Firewalls” at UCLA have blocked the group from uploading their latest album of photos for the past few days.  The group will be able to upload the album on Monday night after they’ve checked into  their Newport Beach hotel, and we expect the full album to be posted on Tuesday on the RTT site for you to see with your passwords. We’ll send you an email as soon as it is posted.In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the past few days…

Enjoying a beautiful day at Lake Tahoe
Western Adventure 1 takes on the GNAR burger at Lake Tahoe
At Pier 39 in San Francisco, headed into the Hard Rock Cafe for a great dinner.
More to come! 

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