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Month: May 2011

Enter Conde Naste Traveler magazine’s WHERE ARE YOU? contest & WIN a free 3 day stay at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Wanted to share one of our favorite finds with all of you.  Check this out…Every month, Conde Naste Traveler magazine hosts a mystery photo contest & chooses a winner from those that correctly identify the location.  Each month’s prize is a 3 day stay at a different Ritz-Carlton world-wide property! The contest is easy – check out the picture, read the clues and then start googling to figure out the location. If you are a good internet super sleuth & love to travel, this monthly contest is perfect for you.Check back here each month for the link to the contest.As for May’s contest – there’s still one week left to enter! Hurry, hurry!

May's mystery photo location
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What songs make you think of summer?

The snowy winter (for those of us in the northeast) is finally over.  Early rainy spring weather is hopefully almost gone.  Before we know it – SUMMER WILL BE HERE!!At Rein Teen Tours & Rein Community Service, summer is our favorite time of year. The sun is out, the skies are blue, school is done, shorts and flip flops replace coats and UGGS  – and our summer teen tours and community service programs are finally in action. Continue reading “What songs make you think of summer?”

Rein Teen Tours Goes Back in Time

As we embark on our 26th summer of teen tours, we thought it would be fun to share the transformation that our brochures have taken over the years. Seriously – check out our first cover below. Since it was our first year, we had to go with this incredibly uncreative solid black cover because we didn’t have any pictures from previous summers. The covers below show just how much the graphic design of our brochures has evolved over the years. We’ve definitely come a long way! Are you on one of our covers? If so, let us know who you are! Continue reading “Rein Teen Tours Goes Back in Time”