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What songs make you think of summer?

The snowy winter (for those of us in the northeast) is finally over.  Early rainy spring weather is hopefully almost gone.  Before we know it – SUMMER WILL BE HERE!!At Rein Teen Tours & Rein Community Service, summer is our favorite time of year. The sun is out, the skies are blue, school is done, shorts and flip flops replace coats and UGGS  – and our summer teen tours and community service programs are finally in action.When you are in the car on a warm spring day, with your windows rolled down and the radio blasting, what songs make you think of summer??? When you are listening to music on your iPod or computer, what are your summer favorites?  California Gurls (Katy Perry) … Summer Love (Justin Timberlake) …  Summer Girls (LFO)???  List your favorites here –  the more songs you all add to the list, the more ideas you’ll have when you make your Summer 2011 playlist!Check out Billboard’s Top 30 Summer Songs of All Time & let us know what’s missing!