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Summer Gear Giveaway Photo Contest on Facebook

Win Free Stuff!ATTENTION 2011 travelers on Rein Teen Tours & Rein Community Service – Enter our Summer Gear Giveaway Photo Contest on Facebook to WIN FREE gear for your program this summer!!

Contest Prizes:

1st Place:Adventure Travel Rolling Duffel Bag – a $99 valueWin this Adventure Travel Rolling Duffel Bag from Gear to GoSee the duffel bag from our ‘Gear to Go’


2nd & 3rd Place:Your choice of either an Overnight Bag or Swerve Backpackovernight teen tour bagSee the overnight bag from our ‘Gear to Go’


Teen Tour Swerve BackpackSee the Swerve Backpack from our ‘Gear to Go’

Contest Instructions:

1) Take a picture that best captures your excitement about your upcoming Rein Teen Tour or Rein Community Service program this summer. Be creative and show your excitement in the photo you take and submit.2) Email your picture to facebook@reinteentours.comYou must provide your first & last name and the name of the program you will be on this summer (this information will NOT be posted with your photo). We will then post your picture on our facebook page in the photo album called “Rein Teen Tours Photo Contest: Win a FREE Roller Duffel Bag.”3) Next, you must get as many of your friends as possible to LIKE your picture on our facebook page. Once we have posted your picture in the album, send your friends the link to vote for your picture. If your friends do not already LIKE our page, they will have to click LIKE on our page in order to vote for your picture.Go to the Rein Teen Tours facebook page to access the contest: At the end of the contest, the prizes will be awarded to the pictures with the most LIKES.- The picture with the most LIKES will win the Adventure Roller Duffel Bag.- The pictures with the second and third most LIKES will win a choice of either the Overnight Bag OR Swerve Backpack (winners will pick one).The contest ENDS at 9pm EST this Sunday, May 1.*** Contest Rules- only 1 photo submission per traveler allowed- you must be enrolled on a Rein 2011 summer program to submit a photo- contest ends at 9pm EST this Sunday, May 1.- only appropriate pictures will be posted to the photo album** If you WIN an item that you have already ordered from our Gear to Go sale, we will refund your money for that item.Get creative, take a fun photo and GOOD LUCK!  We can’t wait to see your pictures!