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On the road with Grand Adventure #2


Grand Adventure #2 is having a blast on the road!  Let’s check in & see what they were up to during the first few days of their tour…


Camping in the beginning of the tour is a fun way to make friends!

Hanging at the campground

Check out that tent in the background!






Ready for dinner!!!












The first National Park stop for Rein Grand Adventure # 2 – Badlands National Park:


Climbing the ladder at the Badlands. Yup - your kids did that!

Just hanging around

YOLO (you only live once)






Group photo at the Badlands



Rapid City, South Dakota provided another once in a lifetime opportunity for GA2 – seeing Mt. Rushmore!  Can you name the 4 Presidents on Mt. Rushmore without looking at the picture below?


Group photo before the patriotic lighting ceremony at night.

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln



Next stop: Cody, Wyoming.  Home of our awesome rafting trip and the Cody Rodeo!








Rafting the Shoshone River



Cody, Rodeo time…

Something new and different every day on a Rein Teen Tour

Watching the rodeo.












Keep having fun out there, Grand Adventure #2.

We’ll catch up with you again soon.