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Grand Adventure # 1 having fun

Rein Grand Adventure #1 had a busy first week. Here’s a recap of what we were up to…While in South Dakota, we hiked Badlands National Park and went to Mt Rushmore.At Badlands National Park, we went on a great hike….

getting ready to start the Badlands hike
The  evening lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore:
Next stop – Cody, Wyoming. Here, we went to the Cody Rodeo!
GA 1 at the rodeo
Getting into the spirit of things
Grand Adventure #1’s next exciting stop was Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming:At Yellowstone National Park the kids saw some once in a lifetime sites: we visited Norris Geyser Basin to see the hot springs.
In Yellowstone, we also saw Old Faithful erupt and we saw the giant waterfall at the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone”
Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!
"Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"
"Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"
During this stop, we also hiked the Grand Tetons:
Crossing the river
Making our way up the mountain
Taking a break
Beautiful day for a hike
Enjoying the Grand Tetons hike
Here’s a glimpse of our camping life:
That tent in the background is looking good!
Making pancakes for breakfast
Check out the colors for July 4th
Tour Leader Brian LOVES the 4th of July
Ready to eat!
More pictures coming very soon to our website (get your passwords ready!). 

On the road with Grand Adventure #2

Grand Adventure #2 is having a blast on the road!  Let’s check in & see what they were up to during the first few days of their tour…Camping in the beginning of the tour is a fun way to make friends!

Hanging at the campground
Check out that tent in the background!
Ready for dinner!!!
The first National Park stop for Rein Grand Adventure # 2 – Badlands National Park:
Climbing the ladder at the Badlands. Yup - your kids did that!
Just hanging around
YOLO (you only live once)
Group photo at the Badlands
Rapid City, South Dakota provided another once in a lifetime opportunity for GA2 – seeing Mt. Rushmore!  Can you name the 4 Presidents on Mt. Rushmore without looking at the picture below?
Group photo before the patriotic lighting ceremony at night.
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln
Next stop: Cody, Wyoming.  Home of our awesome rafting trip and the Cody Rodeo!
Rafting the Shoshone River
Cody, Rodeo time…
Something new and different every day on a Rein Teen Tour
Watching the rodeo.
Keep having fun out there, Grand Adventure #2. We’ll catch up with you again soon.