Frequently Asked Questions

Project Hawaii Teen Community Service Tour

What age do I have to be to travel on Project Hawaii?

Project Hawaii is age appropriate for teenagers finishing 9th through 11th grades.

How many teenagers will be on Project Hawaii?

Project Hawaii accommodates between 35-40 participants.

Do I get to choose my roommate?

Prior to the summer each participant will fill out a roommate questionnaire. After a thorough review of each person’s questionnaire, we will assign roommates based on everyone’s responses. Friends traveling together can choose to room with each other.

How do I choose a service project?

Once you have enrolled, we will email you descriptions of the different volunteer options. We have several great options to choose from, whether you want to work with children or help animals. Once you have chosen your project, you will volunteer at that project for the duration of your program, allowing for a sense of emotional connection and accomplishment by the end of the experience.

Who are the counselors?

We hire adults who are fun, energetic, and share our passion for giving back. This past year the average age of our counselors was 27 years-old and many come from backgrounds in education. The counselors work side-by-side with our teenagers at the volunteer projects, participate in our fun activities, and are always available to lend a hand, no matter the reason. Our staff undergoes professional training and skill development during orientation meetings prior to the summer.

Can I bring my cell phone?

Yes, you can bring your cell phone. We do, though, have certain policies that are enforced during the program. Cell phones can not be used when we are at our community service projects and we prefer cell phones not be used during meal times and group activities.

What if I get sick while on tour?

Rein Teen Tours has relationships with medical facilities in all of the areas and islands we visit in Hawaii. In addition, each program director has a file with every teenager’s medical history. If a doctor’s visit is required, your parent or guardian will be notified and you will be chaperoned by a same-sex staff member. During the visit, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to speak with the medical provider.

How do you handle allergies and special dietary needs?

We are able to accommodate teenagers who have allergies and dietary needs. Prior to the summer, all tour participants are required to complete a detailed medical history, which includes allergies and special dietary restrictions and needs. If you have a particular allergy, please call the Rein Teen Tours office so we can discuss an allergy action plan.

What is the time difference in Hawaii in the summer?

Hawaii is 6 hours behind Eastern Standard Time.

Do I have to participate in an activity that makes me uncomfortable?

We will never force you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. However, we encourage our teenagers to participate in all activities. Touring is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting.

How does laundry work?

There is a laundry room at our hotel. Laundry can be done as needed. We supply detergent. Teenagers use their own money for machines. You do not need to send your teenager with change/quarters – they can get this from the front desk. Labeling clothes is not necessary.

What kind of transportation is used on Project Hawaii?

Project Hawaii uses bus transportation with professional drivers to transfer our participants to their service projects, activities and weekend excursions. For our weekend trips to neighboring islands, we fly on regularly scheduled commercial jet planes.

Do I need a passport for Project Hawaii?

Hawaii is part of the United States, so as long as you are an american citizen, you do not need a passport.

What does tuition include?

Program tuition includes all lodging, 3 meals daily during the week, breakfast and dinner on the weekends, all recreation and entertainment, weekend excursions, gratuities and taxes.

How much spending money will I need?

We recommend that you bring about $350-$400 for the whole program. This spending money will cover your souvenirs and lunch during the weekend trips, laundry as needed, snacks or drinks, replenishing personal items (shampoo, soap), etc. The best option is to bring a debit card instead of cash. ATM’s can be found at our hotels.

How much is the deposit to hold a spot?

A $750 deposit is required to hold a spot. Click here to enroll online or you may call the Rein Teen Tours office at 973-785-1113.