Service Opportunities

In Santa Barbara, choose ONE of the following Community Service Projects:

Volunteer with Children

Working with children

Summer community Service Project performed in conjunction with various non-profit organizations located throughout Santa Barbara.

Make a difference in a child’s life! Spend time with children in a nurturing and caring environment. Actively participate and guide the children through their daily summer curriculum, which includes: character and leadership development, health and life skills, arts, sports, fitness, and other recreational activities. Through these daily interactions, build special friendships and relationships with the children, which will help promote positive self-image, build self-esteem and reinforce social skills. Experience life changing opportunities while helping Santa Barbara youth grow and learn through interactive projects, summer fun activities, and workshops.

Volunteer at Unity Shoppe

Volunteer at Unity Shoppe

Unity Shoppe operates a year-round free grocery and clothing store so people on the verge of homelessness can shop with dignity for their basic needs such as food and clothing. By supplementing these basic necessities, people have the ability to pay their rent and utilities and are then able to move their lives forward. Our volunteers will help by stocking food and clothing, working at the register, helping customers to shop for their families’ necessities, and more. This is a truly unique opportunity to experience the essence of “giving back.” Each volunteer will participate in each activity every day.

Environmental Restoration and Education

Protect the Environment

Our restoration and education project will increase awareness and promote individual and group actions to help the environment. Our volunteers will restore native plant-life to balance the eco-system in the San Marcos Foothills, reduce weeds and shrubs that encroach upon local plant species throughout Santa Barbara County, help with land surveys and studies, and learn about the beautiful Channel Islands. During this program our volunteers will also learn about the history of this magnificent area and the importance of keeping the eco-system in balance. Please note our participants will split their time between volunteer work and naturalist-led educational activities.

Volunteer at Kids Cooking Camp

Volunteer at Kids Cooking Camp

This unique educational and volunteer opportunity teaches Santa Barbara youth about local foodways and the issues surrounding the food we eat. Our participants help run a day camp that focuses on cooking healthy meals and educating children about where food comes from, how it grows, and the importance of healthy eating. We will run camp games and help lead lessons such as “Rethink Your Drink” (learning about the sugar content in drinks), “Eat the Rainbow” (the importance of eating fruits and vegetables), and “Affordability” (how much does a meal really cost?). Our volunteers also cook alongside the campers and have the opportunity to learn cooking skills and techniques. If you want to teach kids about healthy living, help spread the word about eating well, and sharpen your cooking skills, this amazing opportunity is for you.

Service Details
  • Summer Community Service participants volunteer with the same project for the length of the program, in order to create meaningful bonds between our volunteers and the community they are helping.
  • Participants volunteer each morning, Monday – Friday, for the duration of the program, earning 40, 60 or 80 hours of Summer Community Service credit.
  • Service project space is limited at each volunteer site, so project selections are granted following your date of enrollment, based on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The goal of Community Service is not only to give back to the community but for our participants to also learn and grow through their experiences.