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Directors And Staff

The most experienced staff in the teen tour industry!

We are committed to placing a staff of dedicated, hard-working and motivated individuals on each teen tour. Our staff is selected through a highly competitive application process based on strength of references and personal interviews. Candidates undergo professional criminal background checks. All teen tour staff members attend our professional training workshops, where emphasis is placed on the safety and well-being of our teenagers. All Rein Teen Tours staff members are certified by the American Red Cross for CPR and Basic First Aid Training.

Most of our staff members are teachers and graduate students with extensive experience working with young people. A large number of our staff is comprised of Rein Teen Tours alumni, who are returning to give today's teenagers the same great experience they had as campers. Our high rate of returning staff ensures that every teen tour has an experienced and dynamic group of leaders. Our leaders exhibit the maturity, compassion, and personality to give our travelers' families the confidence necessary for a successful summer!

At Rein Teen Tours, we are more than just
another teen tour company -we are FAMILY.

Norman and Karen Rein

Norman and Karen ReinAfter creating Rein Teen Tours more than 30 years ago, Norman Rein is still actively and passionately running Rein Teen Tours with his wife, Karen. Together, Norman and Karen Rein work every day in the Rein office, speaking to parents and developing warm and trusting relationships with our families. Committed to the importance of group dynamics, Norman & Karen prepare our summer programs and personally train our directors and counselors, to ensure that every teenager feels comfortable, happy and connected with great new friends on their tours. During the year, Norman travels the world to maintain our existing itineraries and develop new programs. Karen received her Bachelor's degree from Boston University, holds her Masters in Social Work and led our teen tours and community service programs on the road for 19 summers. The Rein kids, both big and small, are all involved in the fun of the family business. Brett earned his Masters in Education, works in the Rein office, and will be working on his 8th Rein Teen Tour this summer. Carrie recently graduated from Penn State and has spent several summers working on our teen tours and helping on our community service programs. Karen and Norman’s 2 year old son, Zachary, is a Rein counselor in training.

Rich & Patti Applebaum

RICH and PATTI APPLEBAUMRich has been part of the Rein Teen Tours' family since the company's inception in 1985. Rich, a company partner, has lead many of our tour itineraries and handles the travel arrangements for all of our programs. Rich, and his wife Patti, spend their summers speaking with parents and tour leaders from our summer communication center. As parents of two teenagers who have spent several summers participating in Rein programs, Rich and Patti appreciate that parents are reassured in knowing that they can reach a company partner, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the travel season. Rich is a travel fanatic and has visited all 50 United States, and Patti enjoys movies, reading and is a political junkie! Patti and Rich have found it most rewarding to have their own children participate in our tours.

The Rest of the Rein Family

Stew Rein

STEW REINStew, Norman's brother, taught history and psychology at both the high school and middle school level for over 25 years in New York, and is now enjoying his new career as a landscape photographer in Arizona. Stew has been involved with Rein Teen Tours in many capacities for the past 29 years, which includes leading our teen tours in the United States and Europe and visiting our summer tours while they are on the road.

Brett Rein

BRETT REINBrett, Norman's son, received his Bachelors degree in Health Behavior Science from the University of Delaware and he recently completed his Master's Degree in Physical Education. This upcoming season will be Brett's 8th summer working on tour. Each summer, Brett builds his tours into a family, and gives his campers the same great experience that he had as a former Rein camper.

Gabe Rein

GABE REINGabe, Norman's nephew (and Stew's son), spent many summers of his life on Rein Teen Tours, as a camper and tour leader. After graduating from Baruch College and spending many years as a chef in New York City, Gabe now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his family. Gabe visits our teen tours every summer as they head through the southwest. His infectious energy, warmth and Rein spirit is always appreciated by our campers and staff.

David Hackmeyer

DAVE HACKMEYERDavid works in the Rein office full-time and has been with Rein Teen Tours for 24 years. David travels both domestically and internationally during the year to manage our existing community service programs and to design new programs with exciting destinations, activities and vendors. David earned his Bachelor's degree in History and his Masters Degree in Education. He has a passion for music and enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, surfing, and yoga.

Brian Downs

BRIAN DOWNSBrian works in the Rein office year-round and has been on tour for the past 10 summers. During the year Brian organizes our tour itineraries, books all of our activities and handles all the logistics. This past summer, Brian was the Head Director of the Australia & New Zealand Adventure. Brian earned his undergraduate degree from Sacred Heart University, where he played Division I soccer.

Jeff Gass

JEFF GASSJeff works in the Rein office and speaks to many of our families on the phone each day. Jeff also books all of our programs' hotels and resorts. Jeff was a middle school math and phsycial education teacher and has spent the past 39 years in the teen tour industry. Jeff plays many sports, including softball, and enjoys going to the theater in New York City.

Jaime Gass

Jaime GassJaime has been a part of the Rein summer office for the past 9 years and recently started working in the office year round. At the age of 8, Jaime discovered her love for camp and eventually touring, and she brings that love to her job at Rein Teen Tours. Jaime enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family.

Julie Eisenberg

Julie EisenbergJulie works in the Rein office year-round and has been with us for the past 19 years. She received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Rochester. Julie led our teen tours for several years and is Director of Personnel and the Manager of our summer communication center, acting as a liaison between our directors and parents. Her passions include spending time with her husband and two sons, baking, painting and traveling.

Chip Lepori

Chip LeporiChip has worked in the student travel industry for almost 40 years and he is the “jack of all trades” at Rein Teen Tours. Chip works full time in the Rein office assisting in the planning of our tours, the hiring of our summer tour staff, and the mentoring of our tour directors. Chip cherishes the opportunity to speak with the parents of our tour members throughout the year. In addition to watching old movies and NFL games, Chip enjoys spending time with his wife, two children and granddaughter.

Jackie Levine

Jackie LevineJackie has worked at Rein Teen Tours for the past 5 summers in our summer communications center and currently works in our office part time. She also spent three summers as a camper with Rein Teen Tours and loves helping the make sure our teenagers have the same amazing experiences that she did. Jackie received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Maryland and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Secondary Education. In her free time, Jackie loves to travel and spend time with her dogs.

Howard Gorchov

Howard GorchovHoward has worked in the student travel industry for over 23 years after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. During the summers he has worked as a counselor, tour cook and director. During the year he speaks with many families and is our Mini Tours and Get-A-Way Tours expert. Howard is happy to speak about all aspects of the tours to make prospective participants feel very comfortable. Howard is also a professional photographer and loves taking his two boys and wife on road trips anytime the opportunity arises.

Lauren Shatkin

Lauren ShatkinLauren has worked with Rein for the past 11 summers, directing Project Hawaii and several of our teen tours. She now works in our office during the summer helping to field questions from our families and speaking with our directors. Lauren graduate from SUNY Albany, and continued to earn her Master's Degree in Childhood Education and Literacy.

Marc Rolla

MARC ROLLAMarc, a 5th grade teacher in Coney Island, New York earned a Master's degree in Education. Marc has worked for Rein Teen Tours for 9 years and always looks forward to the summer so he can hit the open road to see what new adventures lay ahead. Marc loves the outdoors and has lived all over the world, including Thailand and Australia.

Jillian Marangoni

JILLIAN MARANGONIJillian earned her Master's Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. Jillian has been part of the Rein team for 7 summers and loves that each day on tour is a new adventure. Jillian's specialty is bonding with her kids and staff, and her favorite summer spots include Bryce Canyon and Banff National Park.

Jason Gordon

JASON GORDONJason lives in NYC and runs a photography business during the school year. Jason has spent 10 summers with Rein Teen Tours and has compiled an incredible library of tour photos over the past several summers, some of which are featured in our brochure.

Dan DeCanio

Dan DeCanioDan has his Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and is currently a sixth grade social studies teacher. Dan has worked for Rein Teen Tours for the past 11 summers because he enjoys the connections he makes with his campers. Dan has visited 48 of the 50 United States.

Alyssa Marder

Alyssa MarderAlyssa has worked on various Rein Programs over the past 7 years and has directed the Grand Adventure tour for the past 3 summers. Alyssa has a Degree in School Counseling and Early Childhood/Special Education. During the school year, she teaches kindergarten in New York City.

Liza Martiniello

Liza MartinielloLiza earned her Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Ithaca College. She is currently a speech pathologist at a center school specializing in special education, autism, and behaviors. She loves the outdoors, traveling, Crossfit, and all Boston sport teams! Liza, a former Rein camper, has worked for Rein Teen Tours for over 13 years.

Meredith Fink

MEREDITH FINKMeredith earned her Master's Degree in Education and teaches Special Ed. at the High School of Economics and Finance in New York City. Meri, a former Rein camper, has worked with Rein Teen Tours for 8 summers and her favorite stop along the way is the Grand Tetons/Jackson Hole area.

Michelle Rodrigues

Michelle RodriguesMichelle graduated from NYU and has Master's degrees in Special Education and Educational Leadership. During the year, Michelle is a special education teacher in New Jersey. Michelle has worked with Rein for the past 6 summers and enjoys connecting with the teenagers while seeing and experiencing amazing places.

Katie Kritzer

Katie KritzerKatie graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Education and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she is a high school health teacher. Katie, a former Rein camper, enjoys forming relationships with her campers and making them laugh on a day to day basis! Her favorite Rein memory is watching a whale breach in Alaska.

Eric Rubinstein

Eric RubinsteinEric earned his Master's Degree in Secondary Education and is currently teaching math at a public high school in Brooklyn, New York. Eric has worked with Rein Teen Tours for the past 4 summers. His favorite stops are Lake Tahoe and Whistler.

Jaime Zuckerberg

Jamie ZuckerbergJamie is an English teacher in Brooklyn, New York. She received her Master's in English and Special Education. Jaime has worked for Rein Teen Tours for the past 7 years and looks forward to traveling with us all year long! A few of her favorite place that she visited with is are the Canadian Rockies, Maui and Wyoming.

Rachel Weissman

Rachel WeissmanRachel, Norman Rein's niece, earned her Master's Degree in School Counseling and works as a student advocate in New York City. Rachel joined the Rein staff 7 years ago and works on our tours and community service programs, as well as in our office during the summer.

Robbie Goldstein

Robbie GoldsteinRobbie lives in New York City, works as an English Language Arts Special Education Teacher during the school months, and coaches both varsity basketball and baseball. He has been with ATW/Rein for over 10 years. He is also an author, working diligently to get published. He is currently writing his second book.

Karen Scarfuto

Karen ScarfutoKaren is a middle and high school English teacher, who recently moved to Rome, Italy to teach at an American School. She received both her Bachelor's & Master's Degrees from Rutgers University. She has worked for Rein Teen Tours the past 3 summers, and her summers with Rein have been her best! In her free time, Karen loves to run, travel, eat gelato, and learn Italian!

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