We look to qualified organizations for guidance regarding safety protocols for operating our teen tours and
community service programs. We closely monitor information from the CDC and US State Department,
keeping us current as circumstances change throughout the world. As members of SYTA (Student Youth
Tour Association), NTA (National Tour Association), ABA (American Bus Association) and the ACA
(American Camping Association), we are guided by trustworthy, professional experts.

Updated Guidelines for Summer 2022

COVID-19 is a fluid situation which requires constant monitoring and flexibility. As Summer 2022 approaches, following the guidance from the above-mentioned agencies, we are prepared to implement any or all of the following safety and hygiene measures as needed on our programs:

Pre-Program Health Requirements

  • A pre-tour health survey will be completed by each teenager and staff member.
  • A negative COVID-19 test result, taken within 3 days of departure, will be required before each program for all participants and staff members – additional information will be shared as we approach the summer.
  • Prior to departure, we ask our non-vaccinated participants to quarantine for the three days after your COVID-19 test. Fully vaccinated teenagers will not be asked to quarantine for the 3 days prior to their departure.
  • All Rein Teen Tours summer staff members are vaccinated against Covid-19.


Before our summer programs begin, all Rein Teen Tours staff members will be trained on best hygiene practices, including the use of hand sanitizer, hand washing, and cleanliness routines. There will be a hand sanitizer station at the head of the bus. All teenagers and staff members will use hand sanitizer every time we enter and leave the bus, as well as before all meals and activities. Teenagers will also be encouraged to routinely wash their hands with soap and water.

Personal Face Masks

Teenagers and staff members will be required to bring face masks with them on tour. Face mask usage will be determined by hotel, restaurant, and vendor policies.


We use high quality, international branded hotels (Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, etc.). The rooms and common areas in the hotels will be cleaned and sanitized using a new rigorous system that incorporates a scientific approach to deep cleaning practices of high touch and high trafficked areas. In addition to countless sanitation measures taken within the hotels, as determined closer to trip departures, guest rooms may not have daily housekeeping during our hotel stays (no one would be entering our rooms). Teenagers do not share beds in any hotel.


For breakfast, some hotels are not presently offering their full breakfast buffets. Instead, they are providing all hotel guests, including groups, pre-made breakfast to go. For lunch, if deemed necessary, staff members will join the teenagers in choosing lunch options and eating lunch together to encourage social distancing. For dinner, we will eat at many of our traditional, fun restaurants. We will maximize the use of outdoor dining areas of restaurants when available and/or use private dining areas within restaurants. On occasion, we will have dinner at our hotels in their private banquet rooms, as they are able to accommodate our groups with great menus. All restaurants we choose to patronize will adhere to locally mandated occupancy rules.

Tour Activities

Currently, some national parks, such as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park require visitors to be either fully vaccinated or to present a negative Covid-19 test in order to enter. If a teenager is not fully vaccinated, he or she will be taken for a Covid-19 test 3 days before entering each national park.

When possible, we will reserve entire venues so as to not mix our groups with other customers. Some examples include roller rinks, whirlyball arenas, laser tag facilities, and comedy clubs.


Currently, coach bus companies are requiring passengers to wear masks. If this policy changes, we will not require masks to be worn while on the buses. Participants can expect to wear masks in airports and on airplanes.


Protocols will include visiting a doctor’s office or medical facility when necessary, COVID-19 testing when deemed appropriate, moving healthy tour members into a new hotel room should their roommate present with COVID symptoms, isolation of a sick tour member when required, as well as frequent communication with parents.

If an unvaccinated teenager presents symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while on the program, the tour leader will help him or her isolate from other members of the group and a COVID-19 test will be scheduled as soon as possible. A staff member will ensure the teenager is comfortable while awaiting the test results. If a group member tests positive for COVID-19, parents of all participants will be notified.

The specific response would be highly dependent on the situation, with consideration to be given to the destination, timing of the incident, and local and national health protocols. It is likely that a parent of a Covid-19 positive participant will be asked to come accompany their child during quarantine/recovery, and a staff member or representative will remain present until the arrival of a parent.

If a participant on a program tests positive for Covid-19, vaccinated teenagers will NOT be required to undergo testing or quarantine. Depending on the circumstances, unvaccinated participants may be required to undergo testing.

The cost of healthcare including testing, accommodations, meals, travel, and any other costs associated with the period of quarantine are to be covered by the family. This will include COVID-19 testing while attending a tour and testing required to return to the United States if your child is on an international program.

Additional Staff Support

In addition to our program staff and counselors, we will have additional senior staff, including Company Directors, located in strategic locations around the country, lending a helping hand with any and all needs.


As changes occur quickly in our COVID world, it is important to be flexible when travel planning. During our 36 years, we have navigated around wild fires, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, and infectious viruses (SARS and H1N1). Our years of experience have prepared us for “detouring” when necessary, to avoid “hotspots”, and to fully follow local government restrictions. We are currently planning alternate destinations for areas that may be challenging to visit this summer, while still maintaining the expected experience from our tour itineraries.

Trip Insurance

Trip Insurance is offered to help protect your investment. With the purchase of trip insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that in the event a positive test prohibits your teenager from traveling, financial loss will be minimized. Trip insurance also provides coverage for an illness or injury during the tour which may cause your teen to end their experience prior to the completion of the trip. You may also choose to purchase a “Cancel For Any Reason” waiver, to provide a refund if you cancel for a reason that is normally not considered a covered reason. *Cancel for any reason waiver is not available to residents of New York state.

Click here for more information regarding travel insurance questions related to COVID-19.

We are enthusiastically preparing for the Summer of 2022 – it will be a summer of incredible friendships, amazing adventures, and memories to last a lifetime! If you have any questions or would like to discuss a summer program, we’d be happy to chat with you. Contact us anytime at or 973-785-1113.