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All Rein Teen Tours travelers and staff must be fully vaccinated prior to the summer.

Tour & ServiceTour & Service

Our 26-Day Travel and Service Program

In Santa Barbara, choose ONE of the following Community Service Projects

Volunteer with Children

Working with children

Project performed in conjunction with Boys and Girls Club of Goleta, Isla Vista Youth Project, Storyteller Children's Center, and Girls, Inc.

Build special friendships and relationships as you help underprivileged children build self-esteem and develop social skills. Activities will include teaching computer skills, playing sports, teaching arts and crafts, and reading to toddlers. This is your opportunity to have a life-changing experience and lasting effect on the children of the Santa Barbara community.*

*Please note that according to State of California law, any person volunteering at a child-care center (Storyteller Children’s Center and Isla Vista youth Project) MUST provide proof of the following: Pertussis immunization, Measles immunization, Influenza immunization, negative TB skin test within the last 4 years.

Volunteer at Unity Shoppe

Volunteer at Unity Shoppe

Unity Shoppe operates a year-round free grocery and clothing store so people on the verge of homelessness can shop with dignity for their basic needs such as food and clothing. By supplementing these basic necessities, people have the ability to pay their rent and utilities and are then able to move their lives forward. Our volunteers will help by stocking food and clothing, working at the register, helping customers to shop for their families’ necessities, and more. This is a truly unique opportunity to experience the essence of “giving back.”

Protect the Environment

Protect the Environment

Summer Community Service Project performed in conjunction with Channel Islands Restoration and Municipal and County Parks and Preserves.

Our restoration project will increase awareness and promote individual and group actions to help the environment. Our volunteers will restore native plant-life to balance the eco-system, reduce weeds and shrubs that encroach upon local plant species, and beautify local watersheds. During this program our volunteers will also learn about the history of this beautiful area and the importance of keeping the eco-system in balance. All volunteer work takes place outdoors.