Iceland & Italy EscapeIceland & Italy Escape

17-Day Hotel Tour of Iceland and Italy

Itinerary Map for Iceland & Italy Escape Teen Tour

Our 17-Day Hotel Tour

begins as we travel together to Reykjavik, Iceland. Make lots of new friends and start bonding with fun Introductions and Ice Breakers at our orientation. We will explore the natural beauty of Iceland during our famous Golden Circle Tour where we'll tour Thingvellier National Park and see the Great Geyser and Gullfoss Waterfall. Our expert rafting guides will sail through magnificent landscapes as we raft down Gullfoss Canyon on our white water rafting adventure. Enjoy the world famous Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa where we will soak in the Hot Springs and reap the benefits of the mineral-rich waters. Get your cameras ready when we put on headlamps for our exciting and beautiful Lava Tube Trek! Our journey continues as we take our non-stop flight to Milan, Italy!

Buongiorno! Our time in Italy begins in Milan, Italy's center of fashion and industry. Here we'll check out Piazza del Duomo, the city's main square before heading to the city's centerpiece, the Duomo. Built to hold 40,000 people, the Dumo is a sight to behold with more than 2,000 statues, 52 one-hundred-foot tall sequoia-sized pillars, and ornate rooftop terraces with spires, gargoyles and flying buttresses. To get a taste of Milan's cultural sophistication, we'll see the world's most prestigious opera house, La Scala, and we'll check out the glass-domed Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Italy's oldest active shopping mall. A visit to Milan would not be complete without a visit to the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, The Last Supper.

On our way to Venice, we'll stop for lunch in Verona, a charming town known as Shakespeare's setting for Romeo & Juliet. Here we'll visit Casa di Giulietta, “Juliet's house,” and Juliet's storied balcony where she called out to Romeo. Next, we'll arrive by water taxi to our magnificent hotel located in the heart of Venice, just steps from Piazza San Marco. We'll take a Moonlit Gondola Ride on the Grand Canal, lined with palaces that once housed Venice's nobility and rich merchants. Our teenagers will then see the Murano Glass Blowers, cross the Bridge of Sighs, visit St. Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace, and peruse the shops on the picturesque Rialto Bridge.

Florence is a city bustling with industry, craft, commerce, culture, art, and science. Some sights on our Guided City Tour include Ghiberti's Bronze Doors, Michelangelo's "David," the Duomo, and the Ponte Vechio. Take fun pictures at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Our teenagers will hear the best mixes of international dance music at our two-level International Dance Club. Enjoy delicious Italian Pasta Dinners that will tempt your palate and wake your taste buds.

Excitement abounds as we take in the stunning views of cliffs, grottos and shimmering bays as we reach Sorrento, our beautiful resort town spread along the terraces that rise above the sea. Step onto our Hydrofoil Boat Ride as we head to the Island of Capri, where we'll take a boat ride to the Blue Grotto, swim in the crystal clear sea, and enjoy a relaxing beach day. Sorrento is so fabulous, you'll never want to leave. Before heading to Rome, we will check out the archeologic ruins of Pompeii, a Roman town frozen in time from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

As they say…When in Rome… Our summer teen tour to Iceland & Italy ends with an incredible finale in Rome. We'll set foot in the Colosseum where gladiators once fought and we'll stroll down The Ancient Roman Forum, the center of Roman commerce during ancient times. We'll see Circus Maximus, step inside the Pantheon, walk down the Spanish Steps, toss coins over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain, and then spend the evening in the charming Piazza Navonna. Walk through Vatican City and St. Peter's Basillica on our guided tour, and marvel at Michelangelo's artwork in the Sistine Chapel. Spend the last night with your summer teen tour group enjoying fun skits and songs at our farewell party that continues late into the night. Then it is time to board our regularly scheduled jet for our flight home, with new friends and unforgettable memories of our journey through Iceland and Italy.

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