Comfort Camping

Camping on a Rein Teen Tour is a great way to make friends. Placing 5-6 teenagers in a tent makes it easy to get to know everyone during the first few days of tour. During the first 2 camping stops, Rein Teen Tours will assign tent mates to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to meet new people. After those first few stops, you will be allowed to choose your tent mates (as well as roommates) at each new stop.

Campgrounds are located in scenic areas often surrounded by mountains, canyons, rivers and lakes. Campgrounds feature 24 hour security, bathrooms with private hot showers (we have time to shower everyday), electricity, telephones, athletic facilities, swimming pools, game rooms and convenience stores.

Tents are 10' by 16' cabin style tents with windows and floors. We will place 5 - 6 teenagers and 1 chaperone in each tent. Teenagers sleep on individual camping cots, with self-inflating Thermarest air mattresses for a comfortable night's sleep.

Camping Meals are prepared by our Camping Culinary experts who are responsible for the purchase and preparation of fresh food every day while camping. Our teenagers assist our cook with the preparation of our fun camping meals. Each tour travels with large grills, stoves and refrigeration. Teen Tour members give input into our daily menu. Whether you are a vegetarian or a very picky eater, we will provide delicious meals for you.

Our Equipment Truck is specially designed for Rein Teen Tours. It carries all of our camping equipment including air mattresses, cots, tents, lanterns, all of our cooking equipment and a variety of sports equipment.